A downloadable game for Android

This is what happens in the world of really small every day.

It helps your body fight off the attack of many everyday viruses ready to destroy it.

A succession of bacteria and viruses super bad but your antibody await them ready to kill them all.

But pay close attention to the BOSS / VIRUS, they are lethal .....

How to play

Start with your basic antibody that fires automatically and you can strengthen in the course of the game, and when you have enough credits on the skin drag other antibodies that will help in the enterprise,

There are two modes of play "in and out" discover what it is !!!

Game features:

★ The game features 30 breathtaking levels, giving you hours of fun

★ Over 20 enemies / virus

★ 8 super bosses / virus

★ 4 different power-ups and bonuses to run super upgrades

★ Playable free 100%

★ Intuitive touch controls

★ Eye-catching graphics minimalist

★ ranking and objectives

★ Phone and Tablet support

★ High Speed in the game


Body defence 1.1.1.apk 23 MB

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